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48 Divorce Statistics Including Divorce Rate, Race, & Marriage Length

  • According to the US Census, rates of marriage and divorce have decreased over the past twenty years.
  • When analyzed independently, rates of divorce and marriage differ for women. The US Census Board asserts that this is because women often report data for themselves and disclose information m...

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How “Marriage Story” intersects with the real-life work of celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Marriage Story is a 2019 film that follows a young family through a bi-coastal divorce. The movie captures the divisive and destructive nature of divorce in its depiction of how people weaponize familial relationships, even at a huge emotional and financial loss. The impact ...

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Surrogacy Laws by State

Reprinted from The Surrogacy Experience

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Your Complete Guide to Divorce in New York

The New York Divorce Landscape

New Yorkers are maximalists. Apartments may be small, but the metro area’s culture is undeniably geared toward the biggest, the best, and the most. So, it may come as a surprise to you that New York State actually ranks pretty modestly in terms of divorce rates. You...

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Filing for Divorce in California vs. New York

For couples who have bicoastal residences, the decision to file for divorce in New York or California may drastically change the divorce process and the terms of the marital agreement. Furthermore, doing the legal research on this topic may be complicated, tedious, and ultimately incomplete, give...

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