Selling Your House Before a Divorce: A Surprisingly Good Idea

If you're anything like most Americans, the house you live in is the single most expensive thing you'll buy in a lifetime. It might also be community property, which can be a source of real stress when you're getting a divorce. Unlike your bank accounts, debts and shared frequent flier miles, a hous...

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Moving After Divorce: A Comprehensive Checklist

Unlike the popular perception, moving doesn’t need to be a stressful process. When moving due to divorce, you may feel overwhelmed. Your life may feel like it's going in all directions. So to help you keep the moving process manageable following your divorce, here are some things to remember:

The Mo...

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5 of the Biggest Mistakes People Make When They First Separate

Written by Divorce Coach Prudence Henschke

Acting in the heat of the moment

Out of the gate, when you're recently separated, the best advice is to take a break from social media and from your email in-box. 

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Why Couples Therapy Will Actually Save You Money on Your Divorce

Written By Certified Divorce Coach Kate Anthony

Before starting mediation with my former husband, I consulted a divorce attorney to better understand my legal rights. I didn’t know much about the process, and needed to learn what to even ask in preparation for it. I had a lot to consider when diving...

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When the Hardest Person to Forgive Is Yourself

Written By Psychotherapist Meg Josephson, L.C.S.W. 

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