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The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced


How Much Does Getting Divorced Cost?

Many divorcing couples are probably wondering, how much can you actually save by using an online platform such as it’s over easy to complete your divorce, rather than going the traditional, expensive, law firm route. It won’t surprise many to know there are savings in skipping the bench (the judge’s bench that is), but the actual difference may surprise you. According to the CDC, as of 2014, over 800,000 spouses were either divorced or had gotten an annulment.  That is a lot of people paying a lot of money to end their marriages.

Attorney’s Fees

The most expensive item on the list starts with your attorney. Why? Because most divorce attorneys are paid hourly. Meaning, if you and your spouse want to continue to fight it out in court, “cha-ching” for the attorney. The average divorce costs include approximately $12,800 in attorney’s fees.[1] New York attorneys estimate the costs anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 for the average divorce.[2] Some of these fees can range anywhere from $75 per hour to $1500 per hour, but it’s safe to assume anywhere around $250 per hour for divorce attorney services as the national average.[3] This can change from state to state, for example California boasts an average hourly rate of $402 per hour[4] for a divorce attorney, so depending on the locale you live in, this could mean dollars. Even if you are able to find a flat fee lawyer, many charge an average of $1,000 per issue (child custody, property division, etc.).

Court Costs

Not only do you have to pay your attorney for his or her time spent on your case, but both spouses have to pay court-required filing fees and costs in order to get divorced. Filing fees vary by state, but in Los Angeles County in California, each spouse is required to pay $435 in order to open their case.

Online Divorce with It’s Over Easy

You and your spouse can significantly cut costs by using it’s over easy to file your uncontested divorce.  It’s over easy has plans starting from $750, up to $2,500, depending on your individual needs. This includes the use of  easy-to-use, interactive tools, such as the co-parenting calendars, and support calculators. By using it’s over easy, you can complete your divorce while saving your money.

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