The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced

How Much Does Getting Divorced Cost?

Many divorcing couples are probably wondering, how much can you actually save by using an online platform such as It’s Over Easy to complete your divorce, rather than going the traditional, expensive, law firm route.

It won’t surprise many to know there are savin...

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Tilting the Scales: How to Gain Leverage in Your Divorce Negotiation

Written by Rebecca Zung, Esq.

Sweaty palms.  Heart racing.  Fear of rejection.  Not wanting to look greedy.  Any of these sound familiar when you’re looking at negotiating anything?  Now try negotiating during the fight of your life – divorce.  I’ve said for years, including in my book and on the ma...

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The Best Way To Make Co-parenting & Shared Joint Custody Schedules Work

Written by Cherie Morris, JD, Parent Coordinator and Divorce Coach

So, you’re getting a divorce. You’ve likely contemplated an array of important decisions. It’s essential to be informed about the choices you make during this life transition, even if the divorce isn’t your first choice.

To accomplis...

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How a Concierge Service Can Help You During a Divorce

Written by Lauren Pearl

I think we can all agree: life is stressful. And that stress can come at you from all angles. It would be nice if there were a manual for how to have an easy divorce with no stress but there are certain life events that are particularly stress-inducing: 

• Divorce

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Divorce & Insurance

Written by Hanna Horvath, Policygenius

Insurance may not be the first thing you think about when going through the divorce process. Divorce can be overwhelming — couples often have to make hard decisions on how to divide up their financial assets (which is why it’s important for couples to discuss m...

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