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What is an Online Divorce?


it's over easy is online divorce made easy!

An online divorce is just like any other uncontested divorce, but you use it's over easy to fill out the paperwork online instead of having a divorce attorney do it for you. it's over easy is an easy to use platform that guides you through the divorce process step-by-step and asks you simple questions in a modern, user-friendly way.  This information is used to generate the divorce papers for you automatically. It’s Over Easy can also file your paperwork for you, so you never have to step into court.

There are two significant benefits to filing for divorce online with It’s Over Easy. First, you can save thousands of dollars because you do not need an attorney. Second, you can fill out the information on your own time, in the privacy of your own home.

Divorce is hard. The legal process doesn’t have to be.

Can I get an Online Divorce?

Online divorces are for couples looking to get an uncontested divorce – that is, you agree you want to end your marriage, and you are amicable and can generally agree on the division of assets and child custody, if applicable. Basically, instead of paying lawyers to negotiate for you, you do it yourselves.

If you and your spouse get stuck along the way, we’ve got you covered. We have a curated list of professionals (at a below-market-rate cost) including CPAs, MFTs, and attorneys, for you to select from.

If you and your spouse signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you are not eligible to file for divorce with It’s Over Easy at this time.

When Not to File for Divorce Yourself:

Uncontested online divorces can be fast and easy, but not all divorces lend themselves to this process. There may be certain factors or situations which would add a level of complication to the divorce. You should seek additional help if:

  • Your spouse does not want to get divorced/is contesting the divorce
  • You are worried about the safety and security of yourself or you children
  • The financial matters are very complex
  • You and your spouse cannot come to an agreement
  • Child custody matters are impacted by other factors, such as new job offers out of town or serious mental or physical conditions of the child

What happens if I start the process with It’s Over Easy, but then need to hire a lawyer?

If you file for divorce with It’s Over Easy, but need a lawyer to finish the process, we can still save you time and money. All of the information you add on It’s Over Easy (including chats with your spouse) is saved and can be easily exported to give to an attorney or another professional. Filling out the financial disclosures can take hours with a lawyer, so you could still save a lot by starting with It’s Over Easy.

Is it really legal?

Yes. The process is pretty similar to filing your taxes online. All of your answers to our simple questions are used to generate the divorce forms required by your county. Renowned Family Law attorney Laura Wasser created It’s Over Easy with her 23 years of expertise to fill a need she saw in her practice – for simple, less expensive divorces in a modern way.

To learn more or to start your online divorce for free, click here to visit our homepage