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Other online divorce services give you forms, but they don't help you complete the process.

It's Over Easy Other online divorce services
Filing fees included in the cost?
Unlimited edits to forms? YesNo
Finalize your divorce and complete your case? YesNo
Shipping Fees included? YesNo
Unlimited use of the platform with no hidden subscription and storage fees? YesNo
Premium customer support without the hassle of long wait times? YesNo
Use of a Professional Attorney Service to ensure forms are filed correctly?

Other online divorce services have divorce court rejection rates as high as 30%!

It’s Over Easy has a 95%+ court filing success rate - the most successful in the business!

Filing Fees Are Included

For example, California filing fees are between $870 and $900 depending on the county you reside in. Other online divorce services will make you pay that, on top of their service charge.

Premium Customer Support

You don't need to wait one week for support! Qualified divorce coaches and paralegals are available to answer your questions via email and phone, and get back to customers within 48 hours - usually within 24.

Files Hand-Delivered to the Court

Unlike other online divorce services that file by mail, or require you to file yourself – we make sure your forms are correctly submitted to the court by a professional attorney-delivery service.

This ensures that your divorce papers don’t land on the wrong clerk’s desk. Or worse, some even get lost in the mail!

Finalize Your Divorce

We track your case until we get a response directly from the court. If your case is rejected by the judge for any reason, we work with you to re-submit your forms – free of charge.

Many online divorce services neglect or postpone customer communication - this can cause your divorce court filings to get rejected!

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