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it’s over easy is the only online divorce solution that guides you through every aspect of your case. Traditional divorce can be complicated and expensive, but with us, it doesn’t have to be. You can file and manage your uncontested divorce at anytime and from anywhere using our platform.

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Laura A. Wasser

Laura Wasser is a Family Law attorney with over 20 years of experience. Having handled a number of high-profile, high-net-worth divorce cases, Laura Wasser and her team have developed an intuitive and simple process for uncontested divorces available to everyone.

Filing your Forms and Serving your Spouse

Using the information you and your spouse provide, our platform will generate the required divorce forms so that you don’t have to translate complicated legal jargon.

There’s no need to worry about filing your forms or figuring out how and when to serve your spouse - this is included in our Pro and Premium packages!  

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Child Custody and Co-Parenting Calendar

With innovative child custody tools and a co-parenting calendar, you and your spouse can create a customized parenting plan that works for both of you. Our built-in tools can help you cover everything from determining the amount of time your child will spend with each parent, to how you will make decisions regarding your child’s health and welfare.

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Calculating Child and Spousal Support

it's over easy makes it easy for you to determine if you or your spouse are eligible to pay or receive support. Our child and spousal support calculators can even guide you and your spouse to reach a mutually agreeable amount based on the income and expense information you provide.

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Dividing and Allocating Property

Our interactive guides will help you identify and organize your assets and debts so that you and your spouse can better understand what each of you have, and determine a fair split of your shared property.

The in-platform chat function even lets you communicate directly with your spouse to allow you to negotiate and allocate your assets and debts openly and effectively.

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The cost of traditional divorce

leaves room for little else

The average cost of a single family law attorney is $17,250. it's over easy is a fraction of the cost.

To see a more detailed view of our prices, visit our Pricing Page


trial package ribbon  TRIAL


  • Access to the platform 
  • Helpful Tips 

 basic package ribbon BASIC

  $750 + state fees

  • Full Access to the platform
  • Helpful Tips
  • Download your forms

 pro package ribbonPRO

 $1,500 + state fees

  • Full Access to the platform
  • Helpful Tips
  • Download your forms
  • Filing & Service

 premium package ribbonPREMIUM

 $2,500 + state fees

  • Full Access to the platform
  • Helpful Tips
  • Download your forms
  • Filing & Service
  • Support Calculators & Co-parenting Calendar

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