Interview with Elizabeth Sutton, Role Model for Newly Divorced Women

Meg Josephson, LCSW sits down with  Artist Elizabeth Sutton in Long Island City

"I had the pleasure of interviewing contemporary artist Elizabeth Sutton, who has emerged somewhat unintentionally as a role model for newly divorced women.

Elizabeth uses her Instagram account to provide legions of her loyal followers insight into her rapidly growing business, whirlwind personal and family life and her refreshingly honest perspective. She’s a woman who never seems to slow down or stop moving—constantly running from her impressive Long Island City art studio where she hosts a parade of...

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Wasser Believes Williams Will Keep It Simple and Confidential.

The "Wendy" host is filing for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter after 21 years and family law attorney Laura Wasser weighs in on the split.  

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The Origin Of OOTify, the Mental Health Marketplace

Written By Ravi Sharma

This is frankly pretty hard, but I feel compelled to share the genesis the OOTify, a new mental health startup in Los Angeles, story authentically while being respectful of others’ privacy.

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True Co-parenting Stories: My Own Experience

Written by Natasha M. Saltz, Esq.

I remember shopping for shoes as a teenager, eyeing some red velvet platforms. It was the 90’s and I was trying a new “alternative” look. The salesperson looked at the two women I was with, assuming at least one of them had to be my mother, and asked my shoe size. My stepmom laughed and said she did not know, so the salesperson looked at the other woman with me. My dad’s first wife started laughing, too, and my stepmom really started cracking up, saying that was her wife-in-law. The salesperson was just confused, but I remember loving this moment so much....

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The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced

How Much Does Getting Divorced Cost?

Many divorcing couples are probably wondering, how much can you actually save by using an online platform such as it’s over easy to complete your divorce, rather than going the traditional, expensive, law firm route. It won’t surprise many to know there are savings in skipping the bench (the judge’s bench that is), but the actual difference may surprise you. According to the CDC, as of 2014, over 800,000 spouses were either divorced or had gotten an annulment.  That is a lot of people paying a lot of money to end their marriages.

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