6 Tips To Get Through The First Year After A Divorce

This article was originally published in Worthy.com

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All's Fair--The Podcast about Love,"War," and Everything in Between

Written by Attorney Laura Wasser, Founder & C.E.O. It's Over Easy

'All’s fair in love and war' is a proverb attributed to John Lyly (1553-1606). It is often used to describe a situation in which people do not follow the usual rules of behavior and do things which are normally considered unfair. In my 25 years of practicing Family Law I often have to remind people that their expectations that things will be fair when dealing with matters of the heart is unrealistic. 

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How “Marriage Story” intersects with the real-life work of celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Marriage Story is a 2019 film that follows a young family through a bi-coastal divorce. The movie captures the divisive and destructive nature of divorce in its depiction of how people weaponize familial relationships, even at a huge emotional and financial loss. The impact of lawyers on the process is a central theme, and the tactics employed to gain strategic advantages – in spite of the negative effect on family members.

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Surrogacy Laws by State

Reprinted from The Surrogacy Experience

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How to Have an Easy Divorce

Written by Chicago-based Litigator, Brendan J. Hammer, Esq.

We don’t come to anything as a blank canvas when we’re adults. We have complicated backgrounds, genetic predispositions, specific experiences, and unique psychological baggage that has been shaped over time. Because of this unavoidable reality, our ability to have an easy divorce experience is necessarily limited. In other words, we all have "our stuff" that will inevitably cause us to get in our own way when we divorce (just as it does with our diet, exercise and finances). 

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