A Kid’s Guide to Divorce

Your kids, no matter what age, are going to struggle with the new change in their life following the divorce of their parents. Even if it will be better for them in the future, your divorce will be a hard transition. It is important to remind them that they have rights and responsibilities throug...

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Should You Avoid Divorce Until Your Children Are Older?

While some children benefit from their parents avoiding divorce and sticking things longer in the relationship, some do not because the marriage has deteriorated to such an extreme degree. Essentially, it all depends on the marriage itself, and how the parents interact with one another. For examp...

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Preparing Your Kids for Divorce

Though divorce is something that seems get more and more routine over time, especially in the modern era of the internet where it's possible to get divorced online, it still damages kids in the same way it always has.

In addition to obvious tips such as breaking the new to your children as a te...

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Divorce From Your Child’s Eyes

While going through a divorce, parents should stop and think of what things must look like from their child’s point of view.

Not only will this give the parents a whole new perspective on things, but it will also help them to minimize the fighting at home.

The damage done on a child (while they...

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Avoiding A Divorce From Your Child

While divorce may entail you not seeing your partner anymore, it does not mean that you no longer need to see your child. Of course in some situations (custody battles, abusive relationships, etc.) this may be the case, however, it is always good to let your child know that you will still be ther...

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