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How to Tell the Children About Divorce


One of the hardest things a parent must do while going through a divorce is telling their children.

It can be an emotional time period and a highly-charged conversation. Once you and your current spouse have made the decision to move forward with the divorce, it is important to tell the news to your children. This moment is not only monumental in your life but also in theirs and consequently, you must treat it with great care.

Above all, make sure it is clear to your children that they are not to blame for this divorce; dispel it so that they will not feel guilty. Let your children’s ages and reactions guide your conversation.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Reassure them that even though many things will change, you and your spouse’s love for your children will never change. Remind them that they are not alone, and that lots of kids’ parents get divorced. Maybe read them some books on the subject or watch TV shows like Sesame Street that discuss topics about divorce.

While it may be difficult to be amicable with your spouse, it is crucial to remain a united front when it comes to your kids. This divorce is a traumatic event for them but how you and your spouse handle the situation will guide their recovery.

It is important not to place blame on a particular parent when telling the kids the news, your children are not mediators and will not benefit from being placed in the middle.

Remember that even though your marriage is damaged, it does not mean that your child’s relationship must be tarnished with either parent. It does not do anyone any good if the children blame one parent for this catastrophic change in their lives. It is better for their peace of mind and development to feel trust and love in both of their parents.

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