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Johnnie Raines is Chief Content Officer at It’s Over Easy, the online divorce service. He is a producer and dynamic creative professional with expertise in Family Law, Business Affairs, Marketing, Casting and Producing Television and Digital Content. In addition to overseeing content production, SEO and social content for It’s Over Easy, he also produces and co-hosts the podcast All’s Fair with Laura Wasser. Prior to joining forces with It’s Over Easy Founder and C.E.O. Laura Wasser, Johnnie supervised Casting and Production at ON TV, INC. His work on television includes Casting and Producing credits on ABC’s top rated reality shows, including “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Supernanny,” plus dozens of projects across cable and social media. Johnnie earned his B.A. in Journalism & Public Relations from The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and his Paralegal Studies Certificate from UCLA. Immediately after college, Johnnie worked as a Publicist in London and in Hollywood, before starting his career in production as a writer for ABC Daytime on the soap opera “General Hospital.”
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The Different Types of Divorce

People often think of the divorce process as "one size fits all". However, there are a number of different types of divorce processes.  The method that a couple chooses is typically influenced by how well they can reach agreement in the dissolution of their marriage.  Alimony, child support, cust...

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What is an Online Divorce?

Arriving at the decision to divorce or separate from your spouse is difficult and fraught with a number of seemingly impossible questions.

However, with the advent of online divorce services like It's Over Easy, there are options available that allow couples to part amicably and affordably, leavi...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Consultant Service

Written by Katie Lynch of Apiary Consulting

1. Save Time

Whether you are the homemaker or the rainmaker, time is hard to come by in this day and age, especially if you are used to the pace of a city like New York or LA. One of the biggest misconceptions going into a divorce is that your attorney ...

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How Starting My Own Business Saved My Life

Written By Yalda Shaygy,  Founder of Rosé Toronto

When you hear or suspect someone is a victim of domestic violence, you might wonder, “Why don’t they just leave?” The truth is, they think about leaving all the time. But there are many factors that can hinder that choice. These obstacles can incl...

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Back It Up: The Breakdown to Going Digital

Written by Jacqui Knapp, Founder & C.E.O. KNAPP HOUSE Home Management

As a Professional Organizer, my job is to help others by taking the anxiety and stress off their shoulders and get them to take action. Clutter and disorganization does NOT discriminate. Many of my clients are dealing with chal...

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