Divorce Online 101 - Listing Your Assets & Debts

We get it: Putting a monetary value on your life sucks, but it’s a necessary part of divorce online, and divorce in general. With that said, it doesn't have to be as painful as pulling teeth. In fact, when you and your spouse work together on your uncontested divorce online via the data-entry tools on It's Over Easy, you spend less time worrying about what items need to be reported and more time communicating about things that really matter to you.

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7 Questions to Answer Before Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

Living in a marriage that's gradually running out of steam can be very difficult. Sooner or later, it will occur to one of the spouses that anything, even divorce, would be better than to continue as things are. This is a hard mental hurdle to jump over, especially if you cherish your married identity or have children from the marriage, but once you've crossed the threshold and made the decision, it's time to make some serious choices that will affect how things go. Divorce without a lawyer is most people's goal when they start the process, and with any luck, the immense resource drain of...

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Is Your Inheritance at Risk During Your Divorce?

Assets or items you inherited directly, whether before or during your marriage, are generally considered separate property by the courts. That means you are considered the sole owner, and the assets aren't in danger during your divorce. Probably. It depends — and that's the problem many individuals face when they decide on divorce. Whether you're going a traditional route or opting for the ease of online divorce tools, understanding where your inheritance falls and how to protect it is important.

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Common-Law Property Versus Community Property

Whether you're trying for an amicable divorce and handling the process with online templates or you're expecting a fight from your spouse in court, it's important to have a good understanding of marital property and what things are really yours. Many people who go through the divorce process are surprised to find that the things they believed were theirs alone were considered joint property — and an equal number are unpleasantly surprised to find out that what they thought were joint assets really belonged solely to the other person.

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How To Divide It All Up?

When my ex-husband and I split in 1994 we were both 26 years old.

I had just taken the CA Bar Exam and was waiting for my results. Despite a lovely (and expensive) wedding fourteen months earlier we thought that cutting our losses, going our separate ways and chalking the whole affair up to a “starter marriage” was likely the best option. Notwithstanding some necessary and sophisticated wedding gifts (which according to Emily Post need not have been returned as we had made it past the one year mark and had already sent literally hundreds of hand written thank you notes), a financed Jeep...

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