It's Over Easy Founder Laura A. Wasser Named "Top 100 Lawyer"

Congratulations to our very own Laura Wasser for being named as a Top 100 Lawyer in 2021 by the Daily Journal!

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Celebrity Attorney Laura Wasser Reinvented

Written by Jenny Galluzzo, Co-founder of The Second Shift

Laura Wasser is most often referred to as LA celebrity divorce attorney with clients like Angelina Jolie, Maria Shriver and Britney Spears; she is one of the most powerful matrimonial attorneys in the country. These days Laura is also ...

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How To Divide It All Up?

When my ex-husband and I split in 1994 we were both 26 years old.

I had just taken the CA Bar Exam and was waiting for my results. Despite a lovely (and expensive) wedding fourteen months earlier we thought that cutting our losses, going our separate ways and chalking the whole affair up to a “sta...

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Understanding Divorce And What To Expect

A prospective client came to see me last week -- let’s call her Dana.

She is a successful banker in private wealth management. Dana and her husband of 15 years -- let’s call him Brad -- met at business school on the East Coast. They dated for a couple of years after they graduated and then got mar...

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