Things to Consider Before Moving Out Of State After A Divorce

Two things Americans do a lot is file for divorce and move away from their spouse. Matters can get complicated when you want to do both at the same time, especially if there are children involved or if you're moving out of state after divorce.

The law for moving during and after a divorce varies by...

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The 10 Steps In An Uncontested Divorce

When it comes to uncontested divorce, most people recognize that it can be messy, time-consuming and expensive – the complete opposite of convenience. However, it does not have to be that way. ­There is a solution: uncontested divorce.

Today, everyone is looking to streamline their life. From orderi...

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A Complete Guide to Professionals You Might Need Before, After or During Divorce

A divorce is a major change in your life, and it can affect everything from how you manage your schedule to who you call if your car breaks down. Many people don’t consider all the little changes that a divorce might cause, which can increase stress during and after divorce as you seek to move forwa...

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7 Questions to Answer Before Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

Living in a marriage that's gradually running out of steam can be very difficult. Sooner or later, it will occur to one of the spouses that anything, even divorce, would be better than to continue as things are. This is a hard mental hurdle to jump over, especially if you cherish your married identi...

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Top Ten Tips for Getting Divorced

When will the stress stop? When will my life be normal again? And, by the way, what is normal now? Is there a new normal?

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