Timeline for Filing Divorce Online or via an Attorney

When you and your spouse first decide to get divorced, surely the first thought is, “I cannot wait for this to be over.” However, you would be surprised how long the process actually takes from saying, “I don’t,” to the finalized divorce. Below will focus on uncontested divorces in New York and C...

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8 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce Settlement

Written by Lidia Staron, Financial Analyst & Financial Planner

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How We Took Control of Our Divorce

Written By Lauren Cathcart Robbins

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The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced

How Much Does Getting Divorced Cost?

Many divorcing couples are probably wondering, how much can you actually save by using an online platform such as it’s over easy to complete your divorce, rather than going the traditional, expensive, law firm route. It won’t surprise many to know there are sa...

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Organizing Advice for Divorcees & Others, When the Going Gets Tough

Written by Beth Penn, Author of The Little Book of Tidying & Founder of the declutter service Bneato Bar

I have been helping clients sort, process and organize their belongings for over ten years, but I I’ve been drawn to this kind of work since I was a child. When I was little, I would maximize ...

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