The 6 Steps in the California Divorce Process

This article in part of our series about "Divorce in California". You can find the links to the other articles at the bottom of the article.

So you and your spouse are unsatisfied in your marriage and have decided to call it quits. We know that filing for divorce can seem pretty complicated, so we’r...

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Divorce Papers In California: Income and Expense Declaration

After the petition and summons have been filed and served on your spouse, and after your spouse has filed his or her response with the Court, it is time for both parties to complete financial disclosures.

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Divorce Papers In California: Child Custody and Visitation

Although divorce obviously affects the spouses involved, divorce also touches family members, including children. How divorcing couples handle child custody and visitation can have lasting impressions on their children. With cooperation and patience, parents can create a sensible custody and plan fo...

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From The Desk of LAW | Prenuptial Agreements 101

Written by it's over easy Founder & Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser

While it might seem odd to have an article about prenuptial agreements (PNA’s) on a website where we focus on divorce mediation, but the fact is that nothing could be more appropriate. The principles behind what a prenuptial agreem...

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