How to Divorce | My Parent's Dissolution Helped My Marriage

Written by Michael Quinones, Chief Creative Officer @ OOTify

When I was a kid, I remember what it was like to watch my parents argue until their face turned blue.

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Domestic Violence & The Power of the Allegation

Written By it's over easy Founder & C.E.O., Laura A. Wasser, Esq. 

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Self-awareness in the Age of Immediate Gratification

Written by Dr. Danielle Delaney, ThD, DD

Isn’t it interesting that as a society, we collectively lament that we “don’t have time” for all of our responsibilities, while simultaneously complaining that we need to change our habits and find time for self-care?

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How to Break the News About Divorce to your Kids

The one time when you and your spouse ought to be completely united, physically and conceptually, is when telling your kids about your impending divorce. Even feuding spouses should come together at this time to achieve a united front, even if only temporary. Sending disparate messages to your ch...

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How to Divorce - The 5 Things You Should Try

Written by Gabrielle Hartley, Esq.

When a couple decides to divorce, sometimes they come to that decision together and it is a calm and relatively seamless parting.  Sometimes, however, the decision to leave is sparked by an event. A betrayal. A realization. A revelation. Whether you've chosen to...

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