Getting a Prenup? Don't Forget to Protect Your Points

You never know where life is going to take you, and that's one reason more and more couples are getting prenuptial agreements before getting married. While a prenup can be an extremely helpful document if the worst happens and it does come down to splitting your assets, it is also a very narrow document. Basically, it can only cover what's in it. This is why it's important to remember to protect often-forgotten assets like credit card points and airline miles. With the right protection in place early, an online divorce is often easier for everyone involved.

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Is Your Inheritance at Risk During Your Divorce?

Assets or items you inherited directly, whether before or during your marriage, are generally considered separate property by the courts. That means you are considered the sole owner, and the assets aren't in danger during your divorce. Probably. It depends — and that's the problem many individuals face when they decide on divorce. Whether you're going a traditional route or opting for the ease of online divorce tools, understanding where your inheritance falls and how to protect it is important.

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Alimony Records — What You Need to Know If You Receive It or Pay It

If you’re currently involved in an online divorce, alimony is an important component to the process. Typically, a judge determines who will be responsible for paying and receiving alimony during divorce proceedings. This determination is made based on a few factors, including which person earns more income as well as if either party had previously quit a job to stay home to care for their children.

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How To Divide It All Up?

When my ex-husband and I split in 1994 we were both 26 years old.

I had just taken the CA Bar Exam and was waiting for my results. Despite a lovely (and expensive) wedding fourteen months earlier we thought that cutting our losses, going our separate ways and chalking the whole affair up to a “starter marriage” was likely the best option. Notwithstanding some necessary and sophisticated wedding gifts (which according to Emily Post need not have been returned as we had made it past the one year mark and had already sent literally hundreds of hand written thank you notes), a financed Jeep...

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The Ins and Outs of Child Support

Divorce means change for most people.

Not just change for the ones getting divorced but also, the children too. During this separation, it is imperative to figure out the financial and custodial needs of a child in the new family dynamic. Child support is a way of legally providing finances for the child through payments typically made by the noncustodial parent.

When parents separate, they have the option of reaching a mutual agreement on child support, or one of them will ask the court to make an order for child support. Mutual agreements on child support are sometimes made when a...

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