How to Know When Your Marriage Might Be Over

For older generations, if one found oneself in an unhappy marriage, staying in it with gritted teeth was the default option. Nowadays, a divorce rate of approximately 45% might not sound that optimistic, but actually we’re probably the lucky ones. 

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Causes Of Divorce: 13 Of The Most Common Reasons

What are the causes of divorce?

Cultural shifts in attitude and behavior over the past 75 years has helped to redefine the meaning of marriage. In turn, these shifting beliefs have also normalized and largely eliminated the stigma that once shrouded divorce.  The idea of marriage as a lifelong co...

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What to Do With Joint Debts and Loans After Divorce?

Written Exclusively for It's Over Easy by Lidia Staron

Divorce is certainly one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, and don’t think that it ends after the papers have been signed, or after you've filed your divorce online. There are still a lot of factors in your new life that you still...

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Breaking up With a Career - My Own Story

Written Exclusively for It's Over Easy by Charlotte Wasserstein, Esq.

I’ve never been married, so obviously I’ve never been divorced. But I did recently make a drastic career move that felt like a breakup, and which taught me many of the same lessons I imagine come along with a divorce.

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How to Relocate After a Divorce During the Pandemic

Written Exclusively for It's Over Easy by Abby Drexler

Going through a divorce is typically very challenging and stressful. One part of a divorce that can be hard to deal with is having to move. 

In a lot of cases, a recent divorcee may choose to relocate to a new city entirely. While relocating ...

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