5 of the Biggest Mistakes People Make When They First Separate

Written by Divorce Coach Prudence Henschke

Acting in the heat of the moment

Out of the gate, when you're recently separated, the best advice is to take a break from social media and from your email in-box. 

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48 Divorce Statistics Including Divorce Rate, Race, & Marriage Length

  • According to the US Census, rates of marriage and divorce have decreased over the past twenty years.
  • When analyzed independently, rates of divorce and marriage differ for women. The US Census Board asserts that this is because women often report data for themselves and disclose information m...

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Single Parents in Quarantine

Written by Attorney Joryn Jenkins

Parenting is difficult enough as it is, but now with added stress due to the Coronavirus, parenting has become all the more challenging. Single parenting always comes with its trials and tribulations, whether it’s co-parenting, making the best decisions for the s...

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7 Ways to Save Money While Going Through a Divorce

Written by Lidia Staron

Divorce is often a long, exhausting, and financially draining process. This article outlines the best strategies to save money during a divorce, and even afterwards.

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Co-Parenting and Alcohol Monitoring: Keeping Children Safe With Soberlink

Getting a divorce presents a slew of unique challenges. If you have children, one of these challenges may involve negotiating a custody agreement that best suits your child's needs. While often difficult in its own right, constructing an appropriate co-parenting plan can become increasingly compl...

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