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Ruby Strassman was born and raised in New York City, but relocated to Los Angeles in her early twenties. She worked various jobs in the art world, ranging from galleries to publishing, before applying to law school. She is currently a J.D. Candidate at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, where she has focused her studies on legal issues that affect children and families. After working at several Los Angeles family law nonprofits, her desire to help make family law services more accessible led her to join the team at It's Over Easy. When not working or studying she can be found hiking with her golden retriever, Ms. Chief Justice.

The New York Divorce Law Waiting Period

New York Divorce Law Waiting Period

This article is part of our series about "Divorce in New York". You can find the links to the other articles at the bottom of the page.

Most spouses want to move through their divorce case as quickly as possible. Whether you want to remarry or are just looking ...

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