Understanding the Process

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One spouse starts the divorce process by filing the divorce petition, and accompanying forms with the Court and paying the required filing fee.

Set up your account with it’s over easy. We will guide you through the entire uncontested divorce process. Information that you provide in the Basic Info section will be used to prepare the initial documents required by the Court. 


The filing spouse serves his or her spouse with conformed copies of the petition.

After your initial documents are filed with the Court, it's over easy will help you serve your spouse with the appropriate documents and file the necessary proof with the Court.


The other spouse responds to the petition by filing a response with the Court.

it’s over easy allows you to easily work out the details of your separation with or without your spouse. The in-platform chat functionality helps make communicating about specific topics easy.


Both spouses complete and exchange financial disclosures forms, which include required information about each spouse's assets, debts, income and expenses. 

Information that you provide in the Make/Spend and Have/Owe sections will be used to prepare the required financial disclosure forms which you will then be able to exchange with your spouse, along with supporting documentation.


A settlement agreement is generated once both spouses agree upon things like the division of assets, support, and custody. That agreement is then filed with the Court.

In The Deal, the final step of the application, you and your spouse will finalize a settlement agreement that will include the terms of your divorce. We will then file the agreement with Court and keep you updated along the way.


Your post-divorce life begins!

it’s over easy will guide you through the entire uncontested divorce process, offering access to hand-picked experts along the way. It’s free to start so sign up today!