The All’s Fair with Laura Wasser Podcast

Celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser has seen it all, and in her 20 plus years practicing Family Law in Hollywood the one thing she’s certain of is that all’s fair in love and war. Each week on the All’s Fair With Laura Wasser podcast, Laura and It’s Over Easy’s Chief Content Officer Johnnie Raines chat with celebrities, innovators and experts about relationships, breakups, love, war and everything in between.

@JessicaYellin Founder of News Not Noise

Award-winning journalist, author and Instagram influencer @JessicaYellin joins us today for a conversation about politics and her new media platform News Not Noise. If her Instagram isn’t at the top of your list for news on social, it will be after you listen. Her style of breaking down what’s happening in America with straightforward, honest reporting is refreshing, especially with the presidential election just a few weeks. Laura and Jessica talk politics, including Jessica’s thoughts on the Electoral College—you’ll be surprised by what she says. Plus, there’s info in this episode about how...

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Super Tuesday with The Goldberg's & Curb Your Enthusiasm's star Jeff Garlin

Actor, comedian, writer/producer and standup comedy star Jeff Garlin engages Laura in a Super Tuesday conversation covering politics, relationships in Hollywood and his own very recent divorce. 

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Divorce Sucks! Chelsea Handler Bares All

Laura  catches up with activist, actress, author, comedienne, producer Chelsea Handler after the mid term elections to recap the important results.  The two friends speak about what has motivated Chelsea to such a prolific career, and Laura get Chelsea to bare all!  From past relationships to present ones, nothing is off the table. On the Sunny Side Up report Laura and Johnnie talk about the celebrity divorce headlines, a divorce that was lost in translation, and the 15 best divorce gifts.

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Divorce Sucks! Politics With Nicole Boxer

Laura sits down with Documentary Filmmaker, Co-Host of The Boxer Podcast and daughter of former United States Senator Barbra Boxer, Nicole Boxer in anticipation of the midterm elections November 6th. Listen in as they discuss "The Year of The Woman", Nicole's marriage to Tony Rodham during the Clinton Presidency, and the power of exercising one's right to vote. Earlier on The Sunny Side Up Report, Laura and Johnnie talk about Olympic Gold Medalist Marylo Retton’s divorce announcement on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and the new movie that Chris Rock is directing about co-parenting starring...

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