If You’re Thinking About Divorce, Think About This First

Written exclusively for It’s Over Easy by Relationship Maven, Dr. Abby Medcalf

I'll bet you never imagined that you’d be wrestling over the 80's band called The Clash’s epic line, “Should I stay or should I go?” Yes, this indecision is bugging you!

The waffling back and forth, the feeling of uncert...

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The Millennial Approach to Marriage

Written by Yuliia Litvinchuck, Content Coordinator @ LegalJobSite.Net

Back in the day when Gen-Xr's, Baby Boomers and those born before them used to get married, many of them considered "holy matrimony" to be sacred. If two people decided to walk down the aisle and "tie the knot," that knot was unti...

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5 Hacks to Survive the Pandemic With Your Partner

Written by Deborah Mecklinger, LL.B, M.S.W, A.T.C

Living in lockdown has shortened everyone’s fuse. Heightened stress, however, does not mean we should expect less of our partners. On the contrary, we should strive to deliver more, reducing our negative output and elevating our behavior. 

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Ex a Gift Post Divorce

Written By Divorce/Break-up Coach Prudence Henschke

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t buy a gift for your ex. They never did anything for you on special occasions. They don’t provide enough financial support for the kids. They have a new partner who can buy one for them. And the list goes...

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Is Monogamy Worth It?

Written by it's over easy Staff Writer, Aren Dumars

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