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Power To The People!


Laura Wasser knows better than anyone that getting divorced is a costly bitch ... but, thankfully the disso queen's got ya covered.

Originally published on TMZ:

We got Laura -- one of the most prominent divorce lawyers in America -- outside the L.A. County Courthouse and asked about her do-it-yourself divorce website -- -- she launched earlier this year.

For the bickering birds out there that don't wanna break their piggy bank ... better listen up. Laura tells us divorce runs an average of $15k and WAY more if you hire her. But, "It's Over Easy" is incredibly cost-effective for those who wanna keep things amicable -- at a fraction of the cost.

Check it out ... Laura says she aims to change the culture around divorce with her website. BTW, she also offers some valuable advice to the newly engaged couple, David Foster and Katherine McPhee