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Co-Habitation and Other Common Causes Of Divorce


Cohabitation can be detrimental to marriages and is something that all newly-weds should avoid. In addition to co-habitation, other things such as marrying at a young age and financial issues are also vital to the marriages’ longevity.

Unfortunately for newly married couples, the current divorce rate in America is near 50 percent, and studies say it could rise if certain trends continue. According to statistics, divorce often happens when couples engage in premarital co-habitation, marry at a young age, or have financial issues. Even though these statistics are scary for those in a relationship, knowing what to look out for can be extremely beneficial.

Taking Things Too Quickly: Co-Habitation

While moving in together early on seems like a great idea at the time, statistics prove otherwise. According to research done through, couples who move in together early-on rarely stick things out until the end. This goes for couples who engage in premarital childbearing as well. Even though it may be exciting to live with your significant other, or plan for a child early on, waiting will benefit both of you in the long run.

Young Marriages

It comes as no surprise that young age marriages often end in divorce. Considering the fact that many individuals in their late teens are just figuring themselves out, it is not likely that they even truly know what they want. However, if young couples can wait until their mid or late twenties, statistics show that they have a much better chance of staying together. While this may be due to a higher maturity level, many believe it is in direct relation to education. This is because statistics show that those with a college degree (or at least some college education) are at less of a risk divorce-wise, than those without.

Financial Issues

Another huge issue is finances. While those who are very well-off seem to do well in marriage, those with low incomes are at a high risk for divorce. This is of course because money is extremely important, and without it, many outside problems can occur. In fact, even seemingly perfect couples are often torn apart by financial issues. Proving that, money is sometimes the key to a happy marriage.


Though nobody wants to think of divorce, reading up on it can be helpful in many ways. For any couples at risk, therapists are also extremely beneficial.

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