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Warning Signs Of Divorce: The Road To “I’m Done”


While some divorces are a total surprise to one partner, many are no surprise at all. In fact, many couples are separated for years before even going through with their divorce officially. This is not only because divorce costs are expensive, but it is also because the individuals are aware that their love is no longer present. While the road to divorce can be scary, reading up on warning signs can be just what you need in order to prevent this tragedy from happening.

A Distance

A noticeable different between you and your partner is often a warning sign of divorce. This is because when couples stop speaking, they stop enjoying each other’s company. Essentially, while space is good, too much of it is not. Whether the distance is due to a loss of interest, a horrible communication pattern, or anger, it is always recommended that you speak with your partner about it in order to resolve the issue. Ultimately, working as a team is difficult without speaking to one another.


Another warning sign of divorce is sadness. Though this seems rather obvious, many people fail to notice when their partner is truly unhappy. Of course there will be times when one of you is having a bad day, however, sadness over a long period of time is very unhealthy, and can lead to strain in the relationship. This is why it is always good to make sure your partner laughs just as much as they did when you first met them.


Whether your partner is distant, unhappy, or just seems a little different, it is highly recommended that you speak with them about it. Though it is not something you may want to do, it will benefit you significantly in the long run, and possibly even prevent a divorce from happening.

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