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In the beginning, Ms. Jenkins worked for one of the ten largest law firms in the country in its Washington, D.C. office. After nearly three years practicing in all aspects of regulatory law, she took a break from big firm life to work exclusively for one of her own clients on a class action involving more than fifty sex discrimination claims in California. When she returned to the East Coast, she accepted an offer from the state attorney in Tampa, E.J. Salcines (later an appellate judge). For the next three years, she spent nearly every workday in court, prosecuting both jury and non-jury trials. After becoming division chief, she accepted an offer from a highly regarded boutique litigation firm.

Assuming Your Ex Wants The Best

Written Exclusively for It's Over Easy by Attorney Joryn Jenkins

You’re getting divorced. Don’t lose your head. And don’t assume.

I was recording recently at my video producer’s studio when one of the studio lights suddenly caught fire. I was closest to the flames, and the fabric of the green scree...

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Adultery, Excused

Written by Joryn Jenkins, Esq.

I’ve been practicing law as a committed trial attorney for forty years now, but it wasn’t until 2009, when I handled my third collaborative divorce, that I experienced that epiphany that collaborative professionals call The Paradigm Shift, i.e. realizing that divorces...

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Single Parents in Quarantine

Written by Attorney Joryn Jenkins

Parenting is difficult enough as it is, but now with added stress due to the Coronavirus, parenting has become all the more challenging. Single parenting always comes with its trials and tribulations, whether it’s co-parenting, making the best decisions for the safe...

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