The All’s Fair with Laura Wasser Podcast

Celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser has seen it all, and in her 20 plus years practicing Family Law in Hollywood the one thing she’s certain of is that all’s fair in love and war. Each week on the All’s Fair With Laura Wasser podcast, Laura and It’s Over Easy’s Chief Content Officer Johnnie Raines chat with celebrities, innovators and experts about relationships, breakups, love, war and everything in between.

Alcohol Monitoring & Prenuptial Agreements

Soberlink is the gold standard of alcohol monitoring systems favored by judicial officers and Family Law attorneys. Laura invites Chris Beck, Vice President of Business Development @Soberlink to speak with her about the Soberlink system and the peace of mind that it provides. Soberlink is considered an essential product. It is designed for remote use and can help support those who are unable to connect with their support groups during COVID-19. Following the conversation about Soberlink, New York’s most sought after Matrimonial Law expert, attorney Judith L. Poller joins us in the studio...

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Kelly Henderson Velvet's Edge

Celeb stylist and glam specialist Kelly Henderson zooms in from Nashville to set the record straight about her role in Kristin Cavalari’s much reported filing for divorce from Jay Cutler. Laura listens to Kelly present her side of the story for the first time publicly (and it seems to make more sense than the tabloid fodder we’ve all been served). Johnnie convinces Kelly to finally reveal the identity of the dude on her Instagram feed @velvetsedge. Kelly also shares mid-quarantine grooming tips and this summer's trends for hair and skin, both of which involve razors. Plus, Laura outlines...

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Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino Always Tomorrow

The prophetic Indie-rock singer/musician/writer Bethany Cosentino from the rock duo Best Coast joins Laura and Johnnie on the first Zoom recording of the quarantine to discuss their new album "Always Tomorrow." Bethany reveals the impact of her own fight for sobriety on her music, and she shares what it was really like behind-the-scenes with band partner Bobb Bruno during the Best Coast 2020 tour to promote their new album. She and Laura also discuss the origins of the #MeToo movement in the Alternative and Indie music worlds, and Bethany explains what it was like for her to be thrust into...

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Money & Post Divorce Finance Tips with Carrie Hausner Casden

Laura and Johnnie are joined by top business manager and certified money and financial coach Carrie Hausner Casden (Summit Financial Management). In the discussion, Carrie shares advice and insider tips on how to maximize pre and post divorce finances before and after the dissolution of a marriage is completed. Carrie, who went to Beverly Hills High School with our hosts, also quizzes Laura and Johnnie about their “Money Personalities,” which reveals some surprising results you won’t want to miss. 

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Family Court Update (COVID-19) With Hon. Judge Scott M. Gordon (Ret.)

Laura discusses the latest news and the state of the Family Law courts in the age of COVID-19 with the esteemed and honorable Judge Scott M. Gordon. The attorney and the judicial officer also explain how to file for divorce when many courts are closed due to coronavirus concerns. They also weigh in on why private judging is gaining momentum in Family Law. Judge Gordon reveals how his past serving on the bench for 17 years, and as a cop in Santa Monica influences his understanding of human nature. We also discuss the exciting new technologies that are providing access to justice during the...

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