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Navigating the School Year During COVID-19 (#onlinelearning #remotelearning)


For many of us, the 2020 - 2021 academic year resembles an episode of Netflix’ Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone. Our new normal includes masks, hybrid learning and online classes even for small children. For many parents, balancing all of this is unnerving to say the least. One thing that helps is to remember we are not in this alone. The pandemic is happening to all of us at the same time, and today we’re joined by educational experts to help us unpack exactly what co-parents need to know about the upcoming school year. First, we speak with Educational Psychologist Dr. Tere Linzey who shares tips for divorced co-parents to improve their school-aged kids’ visual processing speeds, and their ability to focus when they’re on and offline in different households. And then, Educational Consultant Jamie Bakal joins our conversation to provide an overview of the public and private school landscape in Los Angeles. She explains how to navigate both as classes begin in the Age of COVID-19. 

Highlights of our discussion include:

      • Published: 5.20.20
      • Written By: Sonali Kohli
      • Summary: School districts in California are planning to reopen campuses on their regular start dates in late August and September — but the new normal will likely include masks, daily school sanitation and smaller class sizes to maintain six feet of distance, state Supt. of Instruction Tony Thurmond said Wednesday.
  • NY Times: How to Home School During Coronavirus (just in case there is a resurgence, and we all must shelter-in-place yet again…)
      • Published: 3.20.20 (Updated on 3.24.20)
      • Written By: Katharine Hill
      • Summary: On March 16th President Trump raised the possibility that the Coronavirus might last until August. Scientific data suggests it may last even longer. This article outlines tips like creating lesson plans to help parents working from home to home-school effectively.
    • Published: 5.24.20
    • Written By: Mariah Cooper
    • Summary: The duke, 37, and Duchess of Cambridge, 38, are considering keeping Charlotte, 5, at home even if Thomas’s school in Battersea — where she and Prince George Opens in a new Window.,6, both attend — makes the decision to resume in-person classes this summer, according to the Sunday Times.
  • 5 Things Every Parent Can Do to Help Their Child Perform Better at Home:
    • Provide Structure/Create a Schedule
    • Stay Active
    • Mental Fitness
    • Limit Electronics
    • Fun Educational Games (Show and describe the BrainMatterZ Brain Cards & Eye Q cards)

Additional Questions for Dr. Linzey:

    • Parents have been forced to become teachers during coronavirus and safe at home policies, why is it vitally important for parents to set up a good structure while learning from home? 
    • What do you suggest for parents who are divorced or separated? Should they set up the same daily structure at both homes?
    • Many students face a 'summer slump' and this year there are no summer school classes or camps, what can parents do to ensure their child's skills don't decrease this summer? 
    • Why is physical and mental fitness important to keep up during the summer months? How can parents do this? 
    • UC School districts just announced they will no longer be looking at SAT/ACT scores for admissions until 2024 and maybe indefinitely, is this good for students? If so, why? 
    • Details:
      • Prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts have charged more than 50 parents, coaches, college administrators and others who allegedly participated in William “Rick” Singer’s scheme that targeted wealthy, unscrupulous families desperate to see their children get into USC, Yale, Stanford and other elite universities where Singer had made in-roads.
      • Before Loughlin/Giannulli said a somber “guilty” under oath Friday, acknowledging what they had long denied: that they committed fraud by scheming with William “Rick” Singer, a Newport Beach consultant at the heart of the scandal, to pass off their two daughters, Olivia Jade Giannulliand Isabella Rose Giannulli, as rowing recruits — a scam that cleared the way for the girls’ admission to the elite university
  • Co-parenting During the Admissions Process for Elementary & Secondary School Admissions
      • Why is a united front necessary?
        • Co-parents need to maintain a positive, united front when applying for schools during the entire process and beyond (back to school nights, teacher conferences, etc.)
        • During this time many of these tours are virtual so you don’t necessarily even need to be in the same room at this point!
      • What are the benefits of having a neutral consultant help with the admissions process?
        • For parents who are divorced or together, it’s great to take the time to reflect on what’s important for your child in terms of academics, sports, location of school, etc. 

Contact Information for Dr. Linzey & Jamie Backal

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