Quickie Divorce: Celebs vs. Common Folk

While some celebrities are famous for their talent, these days a mediocre sex tape is enough get you on the cover of a magazine and cast in your own reality show. The public’s fascination with celebrity extends deeply into the romantic lives of stars and it seems like every time a celebrity gets married, the bets are on as to if they’ll get a quickie divorce and when the “D-day” comes to pass, the public appetite for all the juicy details can be insatiable.

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Divorce Online 101 - Listing Your Assets & Debts

We get it: Putting a monetary value on your life sucks, but it’s a necessary part of divorce online, and divorce in general. With that said, it doesn't have to be as painful as pulling teeth. In fact, when you and your spouse work together on your uncontested divorce online via the data-entry tools on It's Over Easy, you spend less time worrying about what items need to be reported and more time communicating about things that really matter to you.

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5 Ways To Make Visits Count After Your Divorce

You and your ex have agreed to an uncontested divorce without lawyers and a co-parenting schedule—and you’re determined to make it work. This all may seem easier said than done, but if you’ve managed to divorce without lawyers, we think you can probably handle what comes next which, if you have children, is co-parenting successfully. Click here to glance the It’s Over Easy co-parenting calendar templates that have worked for many families and for shorter visits here are 5 things you can do to maximize your concentrated time with your kid(s).

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What is an Online Divorce?

it's over easy is online divorce made easy!

An online divorce is just like any other uncontested divorce, but you use it's over easy to fill out the paperwork online instead of having a divorce attorney do it for you. it's over easy is an easy to use platform that guides you through the divorce process step-by-step and asks you simple questions in a modern, user-friendly way.  This information is used to generate the divorce papers for you automatically. it's over easy online divorce can also file your paperwork for you, so you never have to step into court.

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The 10 Steps In An Uncontested Divorce

An overview of the ten steps required to obtain an uncontested divorce in the state of California.

Step 1. The Petitioner, or person who will be filing the divorce court case, decides:

  • How do I want to legally end this relationship? The choices are:
    • Divorce
    • Legal separation
    • Annulment
  • If choosing a divorce, do I qualify for a summary dissolution? Click here to find out
  • Can I file in California? If yes, what county or counties can I file in? Click here to find out
  • What are the special divorce procedures in my local...

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