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Quickie Divorce: Celebs vs. Common Folk


While some celebrities are famous for their talent, these days a mediocre sex tape is enough get you on the cover of a magazine and cast in your own reality show. The public’s fascination with celebrity extends deeply into the romantic lives of stars and it seems like every time a celebrity gets married, the bets are on as to if they’ll get a quickie divorce and when the “D-day” comes to pass, the public appetite for all the juicy details can be insatiable.

The lives of the rich and famous are fascinating, and their multi-million-dollar quickie divorce settlements are equally compelling.  But, when you look under the surface of all the tabloid website alerts, you'll see that whether it's a quickie divorce, a divorce without lawyers or the old fashioned knock-down court battle, divorce is the great equalizer. Celebrities and common folk all feel the sting, and their breakups have a lot in common. In a piece titled "50 Unfiltered Celebrity Quotes About Their Divorces" published on Flipboard, common themes included:

  • The emotional pain that comes with divorce
  • Feelings of shame, guilt and confusion
  • The difficulty in knowing whether or not they were making the right decision
  • Dealing with how friends and family (and fans) are going to react
  • The sudden pressure of being a single parent and trying to successfully navigate co-parenting
  • The conflicting feelings of uncertainty and hope for what the future will bring

Divorce can be hard and painful.  These feelings are not limited to celebrities.  A quickie divorce is no less difficult from one that drags on, and even if you're both in agreement about filing an uncontested divorce, it's still one of the most challenging times in many people's lives. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It's Over Easy, which was founded by Laura Wasser, an attorney to many celebrities, helps you complete the forms necessary for an uncontested divorce online – quickly and inexpensively. You and your spouse can have your own quickie divorce with the tools on It’s Over Easy, which are designed to make navigating the uncontested divorce process online simple for users.  You can use the site to determine how to handle things like asset division and child custody, plus instant messaging your ex via the in-platform chat feature to communicate in writing to avoid misunderstandings. The custody calendars on It's Over Easy are an user-friendly way to make sure that both parents keep track of the children's schedules.

Filing for divorce is a big step whether you have cameras following you or not, but it doesn’t have to obliterate everything you’ve built as a family. For more information about uncontested divorce and how to divorce without destroying your family or bankrupting yourself, click here for 7 tips from Laura on getting divorced without ruining your life.

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