Three Simple Ingredients to Make a Great Dinner for Your Kids

I am @divorcedadoescooking with three simple ingredients coparenting dads can grab from almost any supermarket to make a great home cooked meal for you and your kids

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Starting Over After Divorce: How to Love Again

Over the past couple years I have interviewed over a hundred people for The Divorce Dress project, most of which tell me it was a cathartic experience for them.

As one of the authors of The Divorce Dress, I found it fitting to share my own story. It was not easy to get to this place, because it meant resurfacing all the pain I had felt. But I realized, how can I ask all these people to bare their souls to me, if I am not willing to do the same. The Divorce Dress has become an outlet for people to share their stories, support each other, offer resources, and heal. We laugh, we cry and we...

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Moving After Divorce: A Comprehensive Checklist

Unlike the popular perception, moving doesn’t need to be a stressful process. When moving due to divorce, you may feel overwhelmed. Your life may feel like it's going in all directions. So to help you keep the moving process manageable following your divorce, here are some things to remember:

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Starting Fresh: Interior Design and Decor Tips for Divorcees

There is no doubt that going through a divorce is a logistical mess with one of the main questions being “where am I going to live and how do we split up our stuff?”

Whether you’re moving out of your shared apartment or home after a divorce, or staying in the shared space and your partner is moving out, there can still be a positive spin on this momentous change!

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5 Tips for Fixing a Hot Mess: Life After Divorce

Divorce can feel like a hot mess. You look polished and put-together on the outside, but feel like you’re crumbling on the inside. So what can you do to get back to good after a breakup? These five tips will get you several steps closer to the proverbial other side of your divorce.

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