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Marriage, Divorce & Finances

Written exclusively for It's Over Easy by Carrie Hausner Casden

Most of us are taught from an early age that there are three subjects you don’t discuss in public: politics, religion and money. Of course, behind closed doors, families talk about politics and their religious beliefs, but many families...

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Can Money Make or Break Your Marriage?

Written by Carrie Hausner Casden

In the event of a divorce, stress can come at you from all angles. There’s the emotional turmoil, of course , but there’s also the financial fallout which can cause just as much anguish, if not more.d

Whether you are anticipating divorce or have just finished going t...

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Managing Your Post-Divorce Finances

Written by Business Manager & Financial Coach, Carrie Hausner-Casden

A client of mine going through a divorce came to me for financial coaching and we determined she would receive enough alimony and child support to last her between eight to twelve years depending on how much she would curtail her c...

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