The Divorce Sucks! Podcast Hosted By Laura Wasser

Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser answers questions, shares anecdotes and chats with every-day-people, innovative thought-leaders and celebrities about breaking up, getting divorced and moving on. There's no way around it…divorce sucks…but it doesn't have to be that way!

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Can Life Coaches Make Divorce Suck Less?


On this episode of the Divorce Sucks! podcast Laura is joined by life coaches Erika Feresten and Jeff Stein to discuss their 3 part series from the it's over easy insights blog, "Every Relationship Is Two Inside Jobs." The series includes, "Lego My Ego", "Doing the Marriage Math" and "Ask Not what your partner can do for you, but what you can do for your partner".   Their fresh take on how coaching can help in ways that working with a mental health counselor may not, is refreshing.

On the Sunny Side Up Report Laura and Johnnie look at Fatherly's article reacting to the SNL sketch "Dad's Christmas", the potential need for prenups in late life marriages and a discussion of Men over 40 on Tinder leads to a learning opportunity for Johnnie.

For a deeper understanding of the principals and tips shared in the podcast, read the three part series on relationships and finding love after a break that Erika and Jeff wrote for the it's over easy insights blog.