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Letting Your Children Know You’re Getting Divorced


Couples dread telling their children that they are getting a divorce. Though divorce is a grueling process, even if you are getting a divorce recourse or an online divorce, there are many good ways to go about telling your children. In fact, depending on the children's’ ages, they may already be aware. While it is unfortunate to say, since divorce is so common, it is something that adolescents often expect.

According to divorce experts, sitting the family down and addressing them as a group is proven to work well. After all, a family is supposed to stick together during tough times, no matter how difficult they might be. Additionally, if one child finds out before another child, they may let them know before you get the chance to, which could result in a horrible outburst.

Let Them Know It Is Not Their Fault

While this may not be the case with older children, younger ones tend to blame themselves. This is why experts say that it is not only important to sit the whole family down as a whole and let them know upfront, but it is also important to let every child know that it is not their fault. This will not only make the child feel a lot better almost automatically, but it will also ensure them that they are still loved by both of you.

Let Them Know That You Are Still A Family

It is also important to let your children know that you are still a family after the divorce. Of course you and your spouse will no longer be together everyday as husband and wife, however, that doesn’t change the fact that you are all still a family, and that you will always be there for your children.

Though many kids will be tempted to choose sides, making sure that this doesn’t happen is also very important. Children choosing sides is not only something that will cause added strain between you and your spouse, but it is also something that will cause added strain between you and your children.


it's over easy concludes that, ultimately, by letting your children know that you still love them, and that the divorce is not their fault, they will be much more appreciative and understanding. This will also ensure that you are all still a family.