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In the News | Practical Advice for Avoiding a Costly, Bitter Split Over Finances


Written by Stephanie Stiefel & Reprinted With Permission from Barron's Financial and Investment News

In this recent Barron’s article, Stephanie Stiefel, Senior Wealth Advisor at Neuberger Berman, and Barron’s fourth-ranked woman advisor nationwide, discusses planning techniques for divorcees and widows as well as why “prenups” can be beneficial to unmarried couples living together.

Stephanie expands on how these living-together agreements can support breakups to end well if there is enough financial counsel to make good decisions and mitigate potential long-term negative effects. As a quarter of her clients have either been divorced or widows, Stephanie’s experience in dealing with the financial complexities of these circumstances is vast and well-versed.

A few key insights she imparts on her clients are:

· Take care of yourself first

· Live within your budget

· Focus on the long-term

· Understand your living expenses and set a budget

· Your asset allocation should align to meet your life and financial goals

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