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How to Have an Amicable Divorce with Your Spouse: 4 Tips

My divorce happened suddenly, catching me totally unaware.  With an 8-week-old baby daughter to care for, I was definitely not expecting to be dealing with a marriage break up.  But that’s exactly what I was doing!

After having some time to accept my new marital status, I understood very quickly I h...

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Book Synopsis: She's Not a Bitch, She's a Narcissist

Written by Megan Holgate, Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach

I wrote this book after hearing the same story over and over again-- spouses who thought that their wife or husband was the ideal partner, until the soul-crushing moment that they finally realized their relationship had deteriorated int...

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Divorcing a Narcissist? Here are 5 Tips to Remember

‘Let us never negotiate out of fear.  But let us never fear to negotiate.’John. F. Kennedy

Many of us are not prepared for the behaviour of our partners during divorce, until we come to the conclusion - sometimes too late – that our partner is a narcissist.  I learned this the hard way.  


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