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Chris Beck is the VP of Business Development for Soberlink Healthcare. Chris’ primary responsibilities include working with Family Law Judges, Attorneys, and Health Care Professionals across the country to educate them on Soberlink’s modern approach to alcohol monitoring for Child Custody Cases. He has lead over 25 1hr educational presentations and continues to find new opportunities to raise awareness around alcohol monitoring and child safety. Chris and his wife Sheila are Licensed Foster Parents in NC and spend their free time advocating for children in their local community. His family welcomed a new foster baby in early 2019, which continues to strengthen his family values and brings the total to four kids and counting. Over the last four years, Chris has been fortunate to share his advocacy for kids through his education initiative with Family Law Professionals across the country. Due to these efforts, Soberlink has seen a significant rise in education over the last two years, helping position the system as an essential tool in every Family Law practice. Prior to Soberlink, Chris spent nearly two decades working for Cleveland Golf / Srixon in executive marketing and product development roles. During his last 5yrs at the company, Chris led the Srixon Golf Brand in North America and grew market share by over 200%. He developed a winning campaign that raised awareness and won a sports marketing CLIO award in advertising for short film format. Chris holds a BA in Psychology from the University of California Irvine with an emphasis in child psychology.

Co-Parenting and Alcohol Monitoring: Keeping Children Safe With Soberlink

Getting a divorce presents a slew of unique challenges. If you have children, one of these challenges may involve negotiating a custody agreement that best suits your child's needs. While often difficult in its own right, constructing an appropriate co-parenting plan can become increasingly complica...

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