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Angela Setters Bessard, the founder and CEO of Conquer Credit Management, Inc., is known as a pioneer in the credit industry. With a passion to help people understand how to leverage their credit as a tool to create wealth and attain financial stability, Angela has continued to educate consumers and change lives daily for more than 25 years. Conquer Credit Management, Inc. works solely with referrals and trusted advisors and has long been a prominent credit management agency in the financial industry, consulting one-on-one to consumers including professional athletes, celebrities, high net-worth individuals, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Angela is a celebrated and influential speaker who shares her unique insights and expertise on credit management with some of the world’s major financial firms, and local businesses. Her interactive and witty presentations are full of useful, educational content. Attendees are left sitting on the edge of their seats with excitement as they begin to understand how they can use credit as an investment tool as well as move their companies forward, while gaining knowledge to help customers reach their financial goals. Angela has also been an advocate for many nonprofit organizations which is her life’s passion. Kids Club USA, Valley Rescue Mission, The Fellowship of Inmates, groups of at-risk teens, college students, several California churches, transitional living homes, and battered women’s shelters are just some of the organizations that have benefitted from Angela’s education and support. In addition to running a successful company and contributing her support to many charitable causes, Angela is a dedicated wife and mother raising three sons: Justin, Jordan, and Julian. She is also integrally involved in Crossover Ministries at which her husband, Ralph, serves as the senior pastor and founder. There is never a dull moment in Angela’s day, and she thrives on the excitement of it all. She’s helping people improve their lives and reach their dreams, and nothing gives her greater satisfaction. As Angela puts it, “I’m living my dream!”

The Real Credit Queen's View on Credit

Written by Angela Setters

Conquer Credit Management has been the go-to in the entertainment and high-profile world for credit management and restoration for more than 25 years. FICO scores run the world of instant approval  as well as overall personal status—and not to mention one’s quiet ego that t...

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