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Announcing Your Divorce


Something that is often just as bad (if not worse) than the divorce itself, is announcing it to your friends and family.

Considering the fact that this will be a sensitive subject for quite some time, it can be difficult to talk about. However, since your partner will no longer be joining you at gatherings or be seen in pictures on your social media profiles, your friends and family will certainly wonder what is up.

Knowing When It Is Time To Call It Quits

As difficult as the split may be, holding out too long and waiting to break up when both parties know that it would be for the better, is not a good idea. Though the road ahead may be sad, emotional, and unfortunate for quite some time, but your friends and family will stick by your side and stand behind your decision. In fact, many divorcees who move on, seem to be significantly happier once they find a new partner. This is because the new partner serves as somewhat of a breath of fresh air, and makes them feel happy again. Additionally, the new partner will most likely not provide you with the same issues that your ex did.

A Major Sign

One of the major signs that it is time to call it quits and announce your decision to divorce to your partner, family and friends, is an increase in aggravation day-to-day.

While many couples are happy at first, they tend to argue more and more as time progresses, especially when they are sick of each other. In addition to this being incredibly frustrating, it is also a sign that you need to either have a talk, or come to the terms that things are only going to get worse if you continue seeing each other every day.


Studies show that many couples who begin arguing about small things early on, will benefit from a split.

Though arguing here and there is not too bad, couples who are at each others throats more often day after day, need to realize that the frustration will only increase if they stay together.