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Divorce is hard. The legal process shouldn’t be.

Whether we like it or not, divorce is happening. Our goal is to make it suck less.

One of the reasons divorce is such a nightmare for people is because it’s a confusing. It’s also a counter-intuitive process that requires you to think about your most precious relationships and possessions in uncomfortable ways. How do you divide your assets and debts, if you’ve got kids how do you figure out parenting time and where they’re going to live after the divorce?

In this e-book, we break down the four key components of every divorce to help you answer the questions you’re probably wondering as you consider getting divorce

This e-Book will help you understand:

  • The difference between legal custody and physical custody
  • What should child support be used to pay for
  • What determines how you and your spouse will divide your assets and debts
  • The factors you can use to determine spousal support  
  • What is an Uncontested Divorce and how that impacts your divorce papers
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If you are considering divorce, this eBook is a MUST read!

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