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+ plan, processing, & state fees

Complete all questions required to generate your Family Law forms (download & access to advanced features are not available).

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+ processing & state fees

Download your completed Family Law forms. This plan is great for simple divorces without kids. You'll have to file things with the court and serve your spouse with this package.

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+ state fees

Suited for individuals without kids and that are not seeking support. The big difference with this package is that we file everything with the court and serve your spouse. (Where applicable your spouse pays their own state filing and processing fees)

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+ state fees

This plan is a must for couples with kids and those seeking access to child support calculators. It includes everything for both spouses, and the state filing fees are added at the time of purchase.

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Easy prep of all required Family Law forms

Our easy-to-use and streamlined platform generates all of the state, and if necessary, local forms required for you to obtain an uncontested divorce. Once you have completed all of the modules and selected a paid plan, you will have access to your completed documents.

it's over easy allows you to navigate the divorce process on your own terms, wherever and whenever you want. Our system automatically saves your responses as you go. Start and stop as you wish.

In our Pro or Premium packages, we'll take care of all the court filings as well - we know your time is valuable, and our service is designed to help with the entire process, not just forms. 


Download completed Family Law forms

Court forms are complicated. Save time and have peace of mind that the information you provide is accurately represented on your Family Law forms. This feature is essential should you wish to file the completed forms with your local courthouse on your own. 

We file your Family Law court forms

Who has time to stand in courthouse lines and figure out the sequence of which forms to file? We do! 
With multiple court filings for you and your spouse, this feature was built with accuracy and efficiency in mind. Additionally, should any of your court forms need to be refiled, we've got you covered at no additional cost. 

Electronically sign your prepared forms

Remove the guesswork and clerical errors. We've done the research, and will let you know if your forms require an original signature(s) or notary. Where accepted by state and local statue, we can even have you e-sign your divorce forms. 

*Domestic FedEx shipping is included, international offered at an additional cost.  

Serve divorce forms to your spouse

The service of your divorce forms to your spouse is a legal requirement in most states. Know if it can be done by mail or required by a state-licensed process server? We've got you and your spouse covered on this step as well. We'll accurately serve your spouse and file the required documents with the court. 
*In-person is included for one (1) attempt. Multiple attempts can be provided at an additional fee.

Court filing fees for one person included. (The other party will be responsible for their fees).

Should your state have filing fees for both parties, we'll collect your state filing fee at the time of purchase and pay it to the court when we file your uncontested divorce forms with the court. If and where applicable, your spouse would then be charged separately for any required state filing fees when they file.

*For added transparency, we collect the state filing fee(s) at the time of purchase - you pay what the state requires, no added markup or fees. 

Interactive co-parenting calendar that connects to your Google Calendar so it’s easy to share and maintain

Creating a custody plan for your children is simple with it's over easy. Our online tools help you break down your child(ren)'s schedule into days spent with you and your spouse, including holidays. Our platform syncs with your Gmail account so you can practically use what you and your spouse have created within the platform. 

Calculate spousal and child support based on state guidelines

Should (spousal/child) support be a consideration for you and your partner, our calculators can assist with this portion of your uncontested divorce. 

Based on state guideline formulas, our support calculators will help you determine support payments according to the financial and situational information you and your spouse provide.

Court filing fees for two people — includes you and your spouse.

One set price, everything is included. At the time of purchase, we'll add on the state filing fee(s) for you and your spouse. More simply put, one payment covers everything.