Do It Yourself Divorce & Finalizing "The Divorce Decree"

By choosing a "do it yourself divorce" you've saved money but you're not done yet.  You’ve gone through the process, completed your financial disclosures, agreed on the terms of your divorce, and submitted your initial paperwork to the court. What now? Now it's time to put your deal in writing! 

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Filing an Online Divorce: The 4 Most Common Questions

Arriving at the decision to initiate a divorce can take some time.  As you consider your options, we want you to know what’s ahead of you.

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Uncontested Divorce @itsovereasy!

Today, everyone is looking to streamline their life. From ordering fast food to dating, shopping and banking online, convenience is key. But not all aspects of our complicated lives are quick and painless. When it comes to divorce, most people recognize that it can be messy, time-consuming and expensive – the complete opposite of painless. However, it does not have to be that way. ­There is a solution: an uncontested divorce. it’s over easy is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate the uncontested divorce process in an amicable and stress-free way, without involving lawyers. If...

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How to know when it’s time to go: considering divorce

In popular media, divorce is often presented as a tragedy, but the reality is that the divorce experience is as unique as the people involved in a split. For some, divorce offers freedom from emotional, financial, or physical abuse. For others, divorce is a painful decision, but one that offers a chance at a better life. And for some people, divorce is a mistake.

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Featured Article | Reinventing Yourself After Divorce

Written by Featured Guest Blogger (and our friend) Melissa Cohen, LCSW, CPC, IEC Therapist & Life Strategist


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