The Art of Turning FOMO into JOMO

Written by Dr. Danielle Delaney, Th.D

FOMO. We’ve all had it. Even if you've never heard of the acronym, the feeling or better yet, the fear, is almost unavoidable in modern society.  Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is all too real, and has only been made worse with the domination of social media in our everyday lives. Scrolling through the beautifully edited photos on our Instagram and Facebook feeds of our friends on vacation, at parties, and eating fancy meals has fueled FOMO to an unhealthy extent. 

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The Evolution of Dissolution

Written by Laura A. Wasser, Esq.

How the online divorce platform It’s Over Easy is changing the perception of divorce.

I’m Laura Wasser, attorney, author, and founder of the online divorce platform, It’s Over Easy. I’m also the proud parent of two awesome kids.  Their dads and I share custody, and so far, we all feel that we are doing pretty well.

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What Is a Divorce Decree?

Written by Associate Attorney Sarah M. Luetto

Okay. So you’ve filed for divorce, exchanged financial disclosures, and figured out the basic terms you and your spouse have agreed upon. What comes next? The divorce decree! The divorce decree is a written document that details the terms that you and your spouse have agreed upon. 

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The 6 People You Need on Your Team

Written by Divorce Coach Prudence Henschke

Behind every elite athlete there is a team of people, supporting them to be their best. Each person on the team has specific skills, knowledge, and insights for the athlete to leverage. The same idea can be applied to navigating a divorce. Just like an athlete before a big game, preparing for your divorce by assembling a team of people to support you will set you up for success and is the best strategy for getting the outcome you want for yourself and your family. Here are some people you might want to consider recruiting.

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How to Protect Children, Finances and Help Families Move Forward

Written by Divorce & Family Lawyer Mitchell Arons

Divorce doesn’t have to be a knock-down, drag-out fight full of fear and dissension. If done correctly, the process of divorcing should actually be a transition in which the couple and the family end up in a better emotional place than where they began. It helps that the nature of divorce has changed over the past 25 plus years that I’ve been practicing family law. 

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