New York Domestic Relations Law and Advisory Schedules

Written for it’s over easy by New York Attorney Alyssa Rower, Esq.

Ms. Rower illuminates for our it’s over easy readers the ways in which New York Matrimonial Courts might determine temporary spousal maintenance and post judgement spousal maintenance.

Two of the most urgent questions facing the parties to a divorce concern support (aka “alimony” or “maintenance”):

  1. “I haven’t worked in 15 years; how am I going to make it on my own?”
  2. “My spouse hasn’t worked in 15 years; I’ve been the sole wage earner; do I have to pay support and, if so, for how long?”

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Your Pocket Guide to Child Custody Laws in New York by Jasmine Silver, Esq.

So you’ve made the difficult decision to get divorced. Now, if you have little ones at home, you’ve probably nervously googled terms like “custody” and “visitation,” and tried to determine what this new life will mean for you and your kids. Good thinking – the more you know about the child custody process, the better prepared you will be to navigate the unfamiliar transition from spouses to co-parents. However, there is a lot of unfiltered information out there, so before you find yourself in the panicked depths of a late night internet spiral (we’ve all been there), read this post! We...

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Uncontested Divorce @itsovereasy!

Today, everyone is looking to streamline their life. From ordering fast food to dating, shopping and banking online, convenience is key. But not all aspects of our complicated lives are quick and painless. When it comes to divorce, most people recognize that it can be messy, time-consuming and expensive – the complete opposite of painless. However, it does not have to be that way. ­There is a solution: an uncontested divorce. it’s over easy is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate the uncontested divorce process in an amicable and stress-free way, without involving lawyers. If...

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Dividing Property the New York Way | Equitable Does Not Mean Equal

By Judith L. Poller, Esq. of Pryor Cashman LLP

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Featured Article | When Divorce Hits A Snag…Don’t Panic!

Written by Featured Guest Blogger Melissa Cohen, LCSW, CPC, IEC Therapist & Life Strategist

For some of us, once we decide on divorce, it could not happen quick enough.  Whether you decide on an uncontested divorce with it’s over easy or not, sometimes the law gets in the way of us moving forward.

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