Can Money Make or Break Your Marriage?

Written by Carrie Hausner Casden

In the event of a divorce, stress can come at you from all angles. There’s the emotional turmoil, of course , but there’s also the financial fallout which can cause just as much anguish, if not more.d

Whether you are anticipating divorce or have just finished going through it, it’s commonly agreed upon that all stages of divorce pose highly charged emotional challenges. But even once you’re “done” with divorce,

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Dividing Property the New York Way | Equitable Does Not Mean Equal

By Judith L. Poller, Esq. of Pryor Cashman LLP

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Divorce Online 101 - Listing Your Assets & Debts

We get it: Putting a monetary value on your life sucks, but it’s a necessary part of divorce online, and divorce in general. With that said, it doesn't have to be as painful as pulling teeth. In fact, when you and your spouse work together on your uncontested divorce online via the data-entry tools on It's Over Easy, you spend less time worrying about what items need to be reported and more time communicating about things that really matter to you.

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The Ins and Outs of Child Support

Divorce means change for most people.

Not just change for the ones getting divorced but also, the children too. During this separation, it is imperative to figure out the financial and custodial needs of a child in the new family dynamic. Child support is a way of legally providing finances for the child through payments typically made by the noncustodial parent.

When parents separate, they have the option of reaching a mutual agreement on child support, or one of them will ask the court to make an order for child support. Mutual agreements on child support are sometimes made when a...

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Co-Habitation and Other Common Causes Of Divorce

Cohabitation can be detrimental to marriages and is something that all newly-weds should avoid. In addition to co-habitation, other things such as marrying at a young age and financial issues are also vital to the marriages’ longevity.

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