The Psychology of Same Sex Divorce

Written by Dr. Neil Schierholz, PsyD

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Filing an Online Divorce: The 4 Most Common Questions

Arriving at the decision to initiate a divorce can take some time.  As you consider your options, we want you to know what’s ahead of you.

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How to Have an Amicable Divorce with Your Spouse: 4 Tips

My divorce happened suddenly, catching me totally unaware.  With an 8-week-old baby daughter to care for, I was definitely not expecting to be dealing with a marriage break up.  But that’s exactly what I was doing!

After having some time to accept my new marital status, I understood very quickly I had a choice as to how I would conduct myself in our impending Divorce.  There were two very separate pathways I could follow in my Divorce.

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Selling Your House Before a Divorce: A Surprisingly Good Idea

If you're anything like most Americans, the house you live in is the single most expensive thing you'll buy in a lifetime. It might also be community property, which can be a source of real stress when you're getting a divorce. Unlike your bank accounts, debts and shared frequent flier miles, a house can't really be evenly split between divorcing spouses, which means that you or your spouse can buy the other out, or you can sell the house and divide the sale proceeds.

In this blog, we’ll look at why selling your house before filing for divorce may actually be your best bet:

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Ways to Manage Your Divorce and Keep Your Sanity

Endless calls to lawyers. Fighting with your spouse. Helping your children get used to living with uncertainty. The challenges of divorce are enough to give anyone a headache. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You can manage your own divorce in a way that minimizes stress and preserves your sanity.

If you’re considering a divorce, know that you and your spouse control how things proceed. By working together, you can avoid endless warfare. Your divorce can be a way to turn the page to a chapter of adventure and self-discovery—or it can be a financial drain and a source of constant...

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