How To Divide It All Up?

When my ex-husband and I split in 1994 we were both 26 years old.

I had just taken the CA Bar Exam and was waiting for my results. Despite a lovely (and expensive) wedding fourteen months earlier we thought that cutting our losses, going our separate ways and chalking the whole affair up to a “starter marriage” was likely the best option. Notwithstanding some necessary and sophisticated wedding gifts (which according to Emily Post need not have been returned as we had made it past the one year mark and had already sent literally hundreds of hand written thank you notes), a financed Jeep...

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Understanding Divorce And What To Expect

A prospective client came to see me last week -- let’s call her Dana.

She is a successful banker in private wealth management. Dana and her husband of 15 years -- let’s call him Brad -- met at business school on the East Coast. They dated for a couple of years after they graduated and then got married. Both had been superstar students and got good jobs after graduation. After about 3 yearsDana was offered a promotion in the West Coast office and they decided to relocate to California. They had their first child in 2006. Because they were new parents and had just moved and because Brad...

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