How a Concierge Service Can Help You During a Divorce

Written by Lauren Pearl

I think we can all agree: life is stressful. And that stress can come at you from all angles. It would be nice if there were a manual for how to have an easy divorce with no stress but there are certain life events that are particularly stress-inducing: 

• Divorce

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Book Synopsis: She's Not a Bitch, She's a Narcissist

Written by Megan Holgate, Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach

I wrote this book after hearing the same story over and over again-- spouses who thought that their wife or husband was the ideal partner, until the soul-crushing moment that they finally realized their relationship had deteriorated ...

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I Was Scared To Get A Divorce But I Got One Anyway

This article originally appeared on the Worthy blog. Worthy is an online auction platform helping people sell unwanted jewelry in a smart, easy, secure way.

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Illinois Divorce Law: An Introduction

Written by Chicago-based Litigator, Brendon J. Hammer, Esq.

Illinois’ divorce laws are found in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) which contains specific sections regarding virtually every aspect of a divorce case--from property, child support, and maintenance, to col...

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How to Divorce | My Parent's Dissolution Helped My Marriage

Written by Michael Quinones, Chief Creative Officer @ OOTify

When I was a kid, I remember what it was like to watch my parents argue until their face turned blue.

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