Child Custody: Traveling with Kids After Divorce

Sitting at LAX. My kids and I missed our early morning flight and will be spending a few hours people watching.

Once the disappointment of not being on the beach by noon today subsides, we focus on all of the families traveling through the less than impressive airport in our fair city.

Many different languages, skin colors and familial make ups trudge past. Two parents, three kids – one parent, one kid and a grandmother – one parent, one clearly new and younger girlfriend and two not much older than the girlfriend teenagers (yikes!)– We try to figure out how each family or group is related...

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From The Desk of LAW | Prenuptial Agreements 101

Written by it's over easy Founder & Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser

While it might seem odd to have an article about prenuptial agreements (PNA’s) on a website where we focus on divorce mediation, but the fact is that nothing could be more appropriate. The principles behind what a prenuptial agreement is are the same that I counsel our clients to adhere to in their dissolution process. They are also the very principles which could save your marriage; clear and considerate communication. So many couples rush to the alter without even knowing that they are entering into a legal contract...

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Co-parenting with an Asshole – Or Someone Who Does Things Much Differently Than You

Written by it's over easy Founder & C.E.O. Laura Wasser, Esq. 

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From The Desk of LAW | Avoiding Thanksgiving Brought Us Together

Written by it’s over easy Founder & Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser

Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday -­‐ even before my parents got divorced. I don’t really like the food. The colors are – blah. And because all of our family lived within a 10-mile radius of our house, getting together for a holiday meal was not exactly a momentous event.   Then my parents split up, and I had to do it twice. Two turkey dinners; one at my mom’s and one at my dad’s. Both of them grumbling about either having to start early and drive my brother and me to the other's halfway through the meal or...

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Happily Ever….After: Some Notes on Dating During and Post-Divorce

Whether the documents are signed and your marital status dissolved, or you’re recently separated and have just begun the legal proceeding, there is a change afoot. It’s called dating.

Many clients and friends dive right into the post-split dating world (some had a toe in the water before the actual split, so it’s not super tough – but that’s another article). Others shy away from it altogether, stating, “I have no desire to date, fall in love or have much romantic interaction whatsoever; this whole experience has turned me off of relationships.”

There is a fundamental reason that it is...

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